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Avatars and Id in the Metaverse, Aspect 1

In Sanskrit, avatar (अवतार) refers to “an incarnation in human variety.” In Roblox, number of points mirror a user’s id far more directly than their avatar. As we’ll find out, there is no “standard” Roblox user, and the fantastical aesthetic assortment in our users’ avatars instantly displays the diversity of


Causal Inference Applying Instrumental Variables

Facts Researchers generally find them selves repeating the mantra “Correlation is not causation.” It’s a excellent matter to remind our stakeholders — and ourselves — consistently due to the fact information can be treacherous, and because the human thoughts simply cannot enable but interpret statistical evidence causally. But perhaps this


Introducing Age Verification

As our community carries on to increase, both globally and by age (just about 50% of the consumers on our system are over the age of 13 as of Q2 2021), we want to make absolutely sure that absolutely everyone can convey on their own in a safe and sound


2020 Reflections & Seeking Forward to 2021

Pricey Robloxians, In an exceptionally tough 12 months, Roblox grew to become a essential location for persons to occur together. More and additional we see the Roblox platform as a utility, and in 2020, we worked tough to bring hundreds of thousands of men and women throughout the world jointly