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Why Content material Creators Are Relocating from 2d Screens to 3D Worlds

Roblox’s vision is to reimagine the way people come collectively to build, discover, participate in, work and socialize. We are creating a system for immersive human co-knowledge, and men and women all about the environment are participating and contributing hundreds of thousands of 3D encounters, all developed by people. As


Build It, Enjoy It Returns With a Stunning New Challenge

We’re thrilled to announce the newest installment of our semi-once-a-year “Build It, Play It” educational collection, intended to encourage our world wide local community to master how to build and publish their personal Roblox experiences. Titled the “Mansion of Question,” our newest interactive coding and design obstacle will show new


Creators of Colour: Celebrating the Dynamic Voices in Our Community

In honor of the United Nation’s Intercontinental Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, we wished to consider a instant to celebrate some of our proficient creators of color as they proceed to encourage our neighborhood users close to the globe, assist them explore their passions, and find assistance both